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Collaborative Power masterclass
Learn to enable the power of many, to do together what you cannot achieve alone.


By increasing your collaborative power, you enhance your capacity to connect project team members and inspire them to work with you towards something that is bigger than what individuals can achieve alone.


In this masterclass, we work with you to discover that collaboration is about the power to create something powerful with others. We provide you with the tools to achieve this, acknowledging that collaboration is about power. Not traditional power relationships, which is often expressed as power to accomplish something, often achieved by using power over someone or something. Instead, collaborative power is about recognising that we each have a set of priorities or values that drives us, and that learning to identify and communicate this is the single most powerful tool to enabling collaboration. By increasing your collaborative power, you can expand your sphere of influence to lead collaborations towards an inspiring future reality, while reducing personal stress and anxiety within project teams and partnerships.

          • Are you working with multi-stakeholders or project teams to achieve a shared goal?
          • Do you need to figure out how to achieve common interests, when stakeholder’s real interests have little in common?
          • Are you having difficulty working with people who don’t share the same values, priorities or paradigms, holding different views of the problems and solutions?
          • Are you working with stakeholder or project teams focused on managing individual organisational risks?


If you’d like to discover tools that can enable collaborative power, then this masterclass will provide an enabling framework to achieve successful collaboration.

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This powerful training is at the leading edge of some of the most inspiring and important influencing factors towards building multi-stakeholder collaborations including:

              • Cultivating Collaboration
              • The Art of Communication
              • Conflict Resolution
              • Nature’s Collaboration System
              • Multi-stakeholder Collaboration


Collaboration – coupled with vision, innovation and purpose driven leadership – enables project excellence. This is an opportunity for a whole systems evolution, where conflict emerges into collaboration. You will come away from this training with the following:

                  • Gain insight into the dynamics of conflict
                  • Practice powerful conflict resolution tools
                  • Understand the art of communication
                  • Learn how nature manages/enables collaboration
                  • The art and power of building collaborations


Multi-stakeholder collaborations are both art and science. Frameworks, principles, brokers, roles and responsibilities are important considerations. Sustainable collaborations don’t just happen, they are complex systems that involve planning and relationship building.

Challenges, like managing the construction of large urban projects with complex project teams, require skills in the science of human behaviour. Some of the greatest past successes as well as some of the most promising upcoming opportunities to achieve success stems from collaboration between different team members.

In this masterclass, you will work with processes and tools to bring together team members to enable collaboration to address the challenges facing your business, industry and city. At the end of this masterclass, you will have initiated a critical step towards enabling collaboration.


“By increasing our collaborative power, we can potentially expand our sphere of influence and accelerate transformations to sustainability. Collaboration has played a critical role in human survival in the past, and it may be even more critical for shaping a desirable future”– Linda Sygna




Shannon works as an educatorconsultantspeaker and facilitator to urban leaders, transforming the urban planning process to enable the adoption and scaling of regenerative innovation. She has developed the Actuality Methodology and trains people to develop their inspired potential to understand, respond and lead a resilient & regenerative future. Her life’s work focuses on shifting our paradigm from a world filled with problems, to one where inspired and purposeful leaders can see that every problem is simultaneously solved when we broaden our perspective. She brings together global innovators with urban leaders to solve complex challenges at a systems level, by facilitating and educating multi-stakeholder collaborations to craft future visions and strategies, while developing the appropriate governance structures to actualise successful systems level transformation.