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We facilitate the development of visions and strategies, focusing on the adoption and scaling of innovation, while building inspired and purposeful leaders and multi-stakeholder collaborations capable of solving any complex urban challenge.
Following a process of Visualise, Strategise, Actualise we use systems thinking, biomimicry, the Demartini Method® and multi-stakeholder engagement processes to enable urban systems transformation. Actuality has pioneered a new planning and design methodology focused on disciplinary integration, collective decision making and developing human potential; eliminating conflict, reducing wasted time and resources while ensuring highest quality outcomes.
We visualise with you and your team what visionary future you could be realising, right now. We create a new story for the future of urban development using nature as a model (biomimicry), analyse the situation, and work with individuals & teams to recognise how their work is supporting their life’s purpose using the Demartini Method®. We employ multi-stakeholder engagement to enable inspired, resilient solutions for your project.
Using our strategic framework for the future of cities based on biomimicry thinking and the Demartini Method®, we work with you and your team to create a strategy for how to implement the vision. We bring multiple stakeholders who have different perspectives and skills together to define and learn how, in the given context, to realise the future vision. We design how to implement the vision and structure the stakeholders to become the drivers of this transformation.
Through process management, multi-stakeholder partnerships and co-design processes we drive the realisation of transformation on the ground. Monitoring, evaluation and continued training in the necessary methodologies allow for continued success and succession.
Our Services


Systems intervention design from analysis to idea to implementation. We define the context, visualise the brief, develop the team and follow this through with strategising priorities, business models, governance and priority implementation to realise transformation on the ground.


Visionary Futures Master Class

Learn and apply powerful processes and tools to visualise, strategise & actualise visionary futures. Be trained in the intersection of exponential innovation in sustainability and leadership. Learn how this exponential innovation coupled with systems thinking and biomimicry thinking can enable a sustainability (r)evolution – and how to lead this change.

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Talks that take people on a journey towards creating a visionary future urban environment, and how unlocking the genius and creativity of people responsible for solving the complex challenges we face can enable an abundant and flourishing world, today.

“We wanted to be able to drill down the global debate and find something practical at the local level. I’m excited here as I think this could be groundbreaking stuff. I did not expect that level of advancement. Really well done.”
Debra Roberts