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I work globally with top decision makers to create high impact solutions to seemingly impossible problems.
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Facilitating a thinking process with a broad range of actors, I expand the thinking about what’s possible, build a solid foundation of relationship and transfer skills that will amplify your ability to create social impact, build wealth and regenerate the health of our ecosystems.
We cannot solve our problems with the same mindset that created them. But it is a known human tendency to look for solutions within what is known, and what is comfortable. To achieve high impact solutions, we need new approaches that are able to expand our thinking, to shift stuck mindsets, and bring about new ideas.

Expanded thinking, requires that we become comfortable with stepping into the unknown. That we embrace our vulnerability. This is inherently difficult, it goes against everything we know. Our minds desperately want to hold onto what is known and what is right.

Using leading edge discoveries about the nature of the mind and human behaviour to break these cycles of stuck thinking, I enable a higher and more expanded level of thinking. I work to create a new mindset where solutions capable of addressing the root causes of seemingly impossible problems can be identified, adopted and realised.

The challenge in achieving this, and what most people don't account for, is the significant influence that relationships have on our ability to expand our thinking to access new ideas. Our predominant mindset is one of wanting to be right, which is in conflict with stepping into the unknown. Depending on the strength of our relationship, we will filter new ideas and constrain creativity for fear of being wrong or stupid. Unsurprisingly, the result is business as usual and a cycle of solutions that amplifying the problem rather than solving it.

By combining the development of a strong relationship foundation with a process for expansive thinking, we turn what appears impossible, into something not only possible but inspiring to you, your organisation and your stakeholders.

I have worked globally in 10 countries across a board range of problems including: resilience planning, wetlands, biodiversity and development trade-off policy, stormwater and land-use guidelines for urban catchment resilience, domestic violence, public transport integrated development, non-motorised transport planning and implementation, community led disaster risk reduction, large scale river restoration, ecological water treatment systems, circular economies, blue (ocean) economy, climate change and spatial planning, informal settlement upgrades, social housing development, economic stimulation in townships, integrated urban management, multi-stakeholder development, localisation of economic opportunities related to construction industry, and special economic zones.

After the privilege of working with a complex range of actors, I have learnt to easily build relationship with and between extremely wealthy leaders, and the poorest of the poor; with Presidents, Mayors, NGO, business (formal and informal) and community leaders; with interdisciplinary consultant teams and a board range of leading academic thinkers. I embrace the many different perspectives held by these actors, and have the ability to facilitate conversations independently or as a group to build consensus and a shared agenda to realise impact.

My relentless quest to understand the make up of our minds and perceptual reality; combined with an in depth understanding of how to create new ideas and build them into reality, ensures you the experience of working with a powerful thinking partner.
Addressing root causes of Joblessness
What if it is possible to shift our self worth. What if our thinking processes and our beliefs about our value in this world affects our ability to engage with the job market or build a business that creates value for others.

If we can shift the mindsets of a significant portion of young adults to know their unique purpose and provide them with a set of tools to act upon this, we will shift joblessness and build a thriving economy. To shift the world outside, we need to shift the world inside first. If I don't value me, no one else is going to.
Integrated Decision-Making for Cities
A decision maker in any city is constantly bombarded by ideas, options and proposals with the promise to create a better city. Our current framework for decision making is siloed and typically narrowly assessed by a cost-benefit analysis. Given the complex world of service delivery in cities, this narrow framework no longer supports decision makers in achieving the impact that is expected of them. In addition, there is very little scope for a diverse group of stakeholders to engage meaningfully with defining the vision and goals of the city.
Ensuring Future Water Supply
Our goal for this project is to achieve water security into the future, building inclusive economy and social stability, while ensuring the health and well being of people.

We will facilitate the necessary shift in mindset by bringing together broad stakeholders and best in the world partners to envision and implement regenerative and resilient solutions to Cape Town’s water.

We have the ability to use the current Cape Town, and global, water crisis as an opportunity to develop a vision for Cape Town as a leader in innovation and nature based solutions in support of sustainable and inclusive growth and jobs. It is an opportunity to turn Cape Town’s water crisis around, and lead an evolutionary step for the future of cities everywhere.
Why work with us


When we facilitate a diverse group of inspired thinkers through a collective thinking process to make sense of the past. Then we have a powerful group with expanded thinking and a solid relationship foundation to build a new story of possibility into investment ready high impact projects and businesses. This leads to increased social resilience, the generation of wealth and well-being and the regeneration of ecosystems, continuously learning from the present to build our most inspired future into the reality.


Discover a world of inspiring solutions and potentials to create our most inspired reality. For every problem a simultaneous solution exists. We have everything we need. Nothing stops us but the limitations of our own thinking and imaginations.

“We wanted to be able to drill down the global debate and find something practical at the local level. I’m excited here as I think this could be groundbreaking stuff. I did not expect that level of advancement. Really well done.”
Debra Roberts